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Not all days are perfect, but that's ok, those are grow days. 

Things happen that throw off a schedule, change your days, but we still need to be positive.  Grand  plans sometimes need to be changed.  Not all meetings go according to your vision, treat those as learning experiences. 

Ask yourself why?  By doing this you are focusing on a solution as opposed to the problem.  This also turns a negative into a positive.  Turn your NO into the Next Opportunity because it is out there, I promise. 

At the end of the day, you are still breathing, your wife will still be there, your kids will still love you, the dog will lick your face, and tomorrow you will awaken with a fresh start. 

Practice positive everyday, it will become a part of you.  Remember, 366 days of positive, cause negative never takes a day off.

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Don’t we all do that?  We wait for the time to be just right to do that special thing. . . and we wait, and we wait.  Then the moments pass, and we don’t do it.  Oh why. 
3 years ago we bought a box of chocolates that we were going to open on a special occasion.  Now to be sure we have had special occasions over the last 3 years, but that box of chocolates sits unopened having expired 2 years ago, oh why. 
Why wait when we create special moments each day.  Take this column, all the writings I am about to do.  I have been waiting for the timing to be perfect, except, the timing is never perfect, so I waited, and now 2 years have gone by with never perfect timing, oh why.

Friends have passed, people are older, time has passed, always waiting, no longer.
The realization is the timing is always right, if we make it so.    Life and living are those special moments.  Loving those around you is that special moment.  Helping others is a special moment.  Peace comes from doing what we know is right.  We have the now, that is all we are guaranteed.  Make the most of the now and everything else will take care of itself. 
To be continued everyday. . . 366 days of positive, cause negative never take a day off.
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When I was young about twelve years old, I broke my knee in what came to be the worst nightmare in my life. In my life I had never harmed myself so badly that I ended up in the emergency room. I was enjoying and taking my favorite boot camp class at the gym using very heavy ropes, the kind that are designed to be used by grown ups. The rope was about 2 meters long and was supporting a metal load whose weight was about 6 kilograms and was fastened in the center and you had to whip and swing the ends. Frequent cardio and strength workout was the best that my dad could think of. Sometimes I look back into my life and what happened on that fateful day and blame my father for if it was not for him my knee would still be on a good condition. As I was doing the rope jump jacks, my right foot landed awkwardly on the rope instead of the floor and my knee was twisted and malformed. I furrowed to the ground and was unconscious for a period of time- I still do not know how long, but my father and the people who were around me on that day talk of two to three hours on a comatose. 

​The next stop for me was the nearest hospital, the X-rays shots were taken and the results were somehow positive, but I knew I that the incident had done something terrible to my knee. The final X- ray results confirmed it; a complete ACL tear-I did not know what the term meant and I do swear that I still do not know what these initials mean, meniscus tear,calf muscle tear and a bit fragmentations on the bones of my lower limbs. There were fears that I might lose my leg, the worst thing that I wished would ever happen to me. I had a surgery but not until I had to do a number of weeks of physical therapy to help strengthen the leg and recover full strength for motion, did I start to feel my leg. Meanwhile as I was spending time laid up at home, I had strong feeling that maybe I should accept Christ as my personal savior. My elder brother had done it and I felt that it was high time that I should do it too. Under Crutches, my doctor’s orders were that I was not to move around unless totally necessary. It was torture for an active person like me and I never knew it could be so difficult not to do everyday things like walking my dog, carry a plate, pick up groceries or take a shower. It was one of the most difficult times in my life, I felt like giving up. I gathered up strength and after several months of home confinement, I made my mind up to accept what had happened and not to blame my dad for what had happened. 

It is now years since the incidence, my knee is back into good shape and functions as good as anyone’s. The events of that fateful day are still clear in my memory, the day that I almost lost a leg
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Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, so what are you really waiting for?

How many times have you said I will start it tomorrow?  Comon, don’t deny it, you know you have.  Does tomorrow ever come?  The reality is, you are just delaying the inevitable success in your life, so why not start now?  You see, if we live in time warp, (who knows what time really is?) then today is yesterday’s tomorrow, so tomorrow is already here so it’s time for you to get going. 


Weight loss, check, extra phone calls, check, fear, oh, that is the great stopper isn’t it.  But what are you really afraid of?  Have you ever tried it, it not, then you don’t really know do you.  So, instead of telling yourself it just won’t work, I can’t, it’s time to say I can and things will go exactly right, WOO HOO!! Doesn’t WOO HOO feel better than oh gee, it might not work so I can’t.  Say, it, go ahead see which feels better.  You know WOO HOO does, WOO HOO!

Weight loss, we have all had success losing weight, but then we return to our “program” that made us fat in the first place.  (if you have a medical problem, disregard this statement, it doesn’t apply to you), but most of us don’t, we just go back to eating the wrong thing at the wrong time, and deciding exercise just is too tiring and we never have the time for it.  I’m guilty of the eating part, but thankfully, I have kept exercising so I didn’t regain any weight, I just stopped losing.  Here’s a little secret, you don’t have to be perfect, just better.  Keep moving, mix in a couple of good eating days and the weight will still come off you, maybe not as fast, but it will keep coming.  

Do you plan on being alive a year from now?  I know I do, and I’d rather be a lighter weight than I am now.  Put a goal in front of you, see it every day, and keep moving towards it.  Let’s say you come up a little short, your goal was 25 pounds but you only lose 20?  Congrats, you achieved 80% of your goal, you are healthier, still alive and still look a hell of lot better, don’t you?  

2 steps forward, 1 step back, 2 more forward.  So what if you have a bad day, make sure the next 2 are good and you are still moving forward, heading towards you goal, and ultimately a more successful, more fulfilling and healthier life.  

Till tomorrow, (which is really today).

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The billion dollar question is what causes a person to buy?  Is it the product you are selling or is it the salesperson selling the product? A compelling argument can be made for both schools of thought. Of course it can be a little bit of both depending on your buyer.  The optimum solution is to know your audience.  My personal approach in every sales call is to make the customer gain an emotional connection to me first and the product second.
​This type of selling approach establishes a personal competitive edge over anyone else who you may be competing against.  When the customer starts to go into phase two of the sale ( Product Offerings), you will gain a greater chance of overcoming any objections.  I know many successful salespeople who are primarily product driven and do quite well.  I am wired to make an emotional connection because I believe that when the economical waters get rough I will be able to weather the storm because I will be the last man standing. 

I also subscribe to the theory that one of the main objections that prohibit a customer from buying is fear. The customers is afraid of making the wrong decision.  Now it is their personal reputation on the line. Is your customer willing to risk their good standing on you?  I feel that is your only true defense against your competition. Sales is about belief in people first product second. Make the deciding reason to purchase you! How do you do that you ask?

tune into Sales Worx Lesson 9 to learn.

Get up early, give time to God, and make a contribution.

Leigh Ari Meyers
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The Diabolical Plan

We have all heard it before, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail, or plan your work and work up your plan. There are several axioms to remind us the importance of planning. The underlying logic reveals the backbone of the importance of having a plan. How can you possibly get to a destination if you have no roadmap to get you there.

Many sales people are wired to gravitate to action ( making the sales call) not writing out a plan.
I agree in the beginning I had a hard time adjusting to planning first and then executing the plan. I think the real reason was that I did not want to be accountable to my plan. It is so much easier to justify a tough day without a method of evaluating the calls planned and to the end result.

​Once I began to realize success through planning. I couldn't wait to evaluate my days work in comparison to my plan. Experiencing sales success through planning first became my emotional drug of choice. Ego and adrenaline( which is a product of success through planning) are a powerful sometimes dangerous combination. However it is legal and acceptable to use in public. Plus I don't have to deal with dealers on street corners or getting busted for over achieving by the Cops.  There is an occasional sales junkie who will do anything for a solid lead (just this one time).  Also being a sales addict doesn't leave track marks, cause bloody noses or occasional munchies.

The moral of this lesson is that having success without a plan is called luck. Continual success requires a detailed, well thought out plan.  Plans must be measurable at the end of the day. The true joy comes in watching your sales and customer base soar as a result a proper planning. This simple concept changed my life.  Winging it is for the birds. Put the proper time in and take the necessary steps to allow yourself to become a success in your chosen field. The sales high from doing things right is one you will never forget and one you will always crave.

Get up early, Give time to God and make a contribution

Leigh Ari Meyers
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Open the door in order to close.

Here is my price, why the heck aren't you placing the order? I've done my job, I have had several meetings with you, I listened to your needs, I have taken what we have to offer and tried to force fit it with what you need. If we are too expensive, or not exactly what you need it's not my fault, I've done my job!

Does that emotional tirade sound familiar? This is the "it's not me song". This song should not be on your top ten playlist? You are always a part of the success or failure of any sales call that you participated in.

When it is time to present your proposal, do not just email the quote or present your PowerPoint presentation.  You have got to get back in front of the customer NOW more than ever.  This is your time to get the customers emotional buy in and support.  Find out what they like about your offering.  You must also determine what items are deal breakers and what items are a must. It is critical to gain a competitive edge by doing anything that the other companies aren't willing to do; like being on the job during installation, or immediately scheduling a breakfast training session for the department, or guaranteeing their satisfaction once installed, whatever.
These deals very rarely close themselves. You must drive the proposal to the close.  This is not the time to be passive or lazy. Send pastries with a card saying" Allow us to sweeten the deal". Send the pastries to the meeting that is making the final decision. Take the decision maker to breakfast to gain an emotional connection towards you and your company. Send a basket of assorted fruits saying; We are so excited about having you sample the fruits of our labor.  Send a basket of nuts with a card saying "don't go nuts trying to make the right decision, we are the logical choice. I know these are a tad bit tongue and cheek, but you can blend in or stand out. You can be like everyone else or you can dare to be BOLD.

The moral of this lesson is that the start of the closing process is the most critical time in the sales process as long as you have done everything else right.  If you choose to wait for the customer's decision, it will reactive instead of proactive? It is nearly impossible to change their mind if the sale does not get awarded to you. It's like trying to catch a greased pig running through a department store at 3:30 am on Black Friday.  Maybe that would create enough of a diversion to get your hands on one of the 75% off Garden Weasels. Just a thought.

This idea of active closing verses reactive response keeps you in the game until the final outcome.  Give yourself a chance to create a competitive edge. Do not allow yourself to be just one of the other proposals.

Get up early, Give time to God and make a contribution.

Leigh Ari Meyers
<![CDATA[TO HELL AND BACK:  A STORY OF OVERCOMING ADDICTION                               BY:  ANONYMOUS]]>Thu, 31 Oct 2013 02:21:39 GMThttp://www.themostpositiveplaceonthenet.com/tmppotn-blog/to-hell-and-back-a-story-of-overcoming-addiction-by-anonymous
  I was raised as an Orthodox Jew, had a good moral background, had a decent set of parents who worked hard to provide what we needed and who did the best that they knew how. We lived a middle class existence and although I attended the Orthodox Jewish Day School in our area and attended Synagogue on a regular basis and was taught that there was a G-d and that I followed most of the laws and customs of the religion I never felt comfortable in that environment. I was interested in sport and my father and mother understood that so they let me play Football, Basketball and Baseball during my youth and at a very early age I showed tremendous talent for swimming. I always felt more comfortable in the sports arena than anyplace else and that is where I found that if I was good at something that I could get away with most things others would be punished for. So I learned  very early on in my life that I could get people to do what I wanted as long as I made them happy, in other words I could manipulate others through my actions and boy did that serve me to the fullest extent through my adolescent and adult life.

     As I continued through Junior High School and High School my fears of being discovered as "not good enough" in other words my fears of people finding out exactly who I was or more importantly wasn't drove me to create a persona of everything in my life is golden, even though it rarely was. Having to give a false address to go to the High School that I was not zoned for really gave me nightmares, being insecure and having to act perfectly in every situation less someone finds out I did not live where I said I did made my life a living hell. So as I continued to live a lie and having that foster into a perfectionist complex, so much so that I began to iron my T-shirts, caused some health issues, like a overactive colon, upset stomach and headaches. Up to this point I really had not begun to drink but as you can clearly see I had many of the "Alcoholic" ism's well before I ever took that first drink. I had gotten drunk at 10 and 11 years old, at 10 at the Passover Sedar and at 11 during a Greek Festival but I was too afraid to do anything wrong, going back again to the perfection I felt I needed to live my life.
    As I graduated High School and having been sheltered and insecure I was in no way prepared for the "outside world" and that would soon lead to the insecurity and the feeling of being different  being removed as I took that first drink, and many after, during my Freshman year of College. During my orientation for my Freshman year I went out, so I would not seem "uncool," and got drunk and got locked out of the dorms. A precursor to what would be a regular occurrence during my drinking career. 

     I was out on my own for the first time, I was only responsible for me, no more having to be home at a certain hour, no parents making sure that I am studying and FREE to do my own thing, Well my own thing included not going to class, not studying and filling my nights with drinking and finding female companionship so as not to feel lonely. I learned very early that I could have my grades sent to me and seeing as they were a printout, like carbon paper, I could erase the grade and fill in another, so my parents would never know how poorly I was doing. Like any good budding alcoholic my Sophomore year I joined a Fraternity and that is when I was introduced to the white powder I call Super Alcohol. 

    The first time I tried cocaine I did one teeny tiny line and that feeling of superiority, that feeling of nothing can hurt me, I am superman, overwhelmed me and I began a long love affair with that, all the while drinking more and more. I managed by the grace of G-d to graduate from College and having no real idea as to what I wanted to do, I entered into the family business. 

     I was not happy about it because I always felt that it was below me to own a retail establishment. I should be better than that but I never wanted to put forth the effort to be better. See that is what I did my whole life, I always knew that I should be better than I was, not being good enough in my own eyes but never wanting to put forth the effort to change. I found relief though in that bottle of beer, that rum and coke, that Stoly and cranberry, that Super Alcohol and with another female just about every night. I was so stunted in my maturity that even though all my friends, most from my childhood were growing up and stopping the insane behavior, I did the same thing and then I turned my back on most of them because I could not stand that they weren't doing the things I continued to do. So I went and found another set of friends, a lot lower class, than my original friends so I lowered my standards. See I was a chameleon and I could be whomever you wanted me to be and I could manipulate anyone at anytime to get you to do what I wanted and when I couldn't I just said to HELL with you and cut you out of my life.

     I had not truly crossed that imaginary line yet when I got married but I was getting close and although originally my new wife like the Frank Sinatra persona I had created, she grew tired of it after a while and when we had our first child, she really wanted a normal life, at least that is what my therapist told me during one of our numerous sessions. It seemed though as long as I was providing the good life, nice house, nice vacations and nice cars she tolerated it, but in reality she had no idea how bad I was becoming. See I was a master manipulator by this time and I could truly hide things better than anyone. 

     Eventually if you are a real alcoholic of my type you will cross that demarcation line where there is no turning back and you cannot live without alcohol or drugs. Up to this point I had kept things pretty much in order and was becoming very successful in business, owning 3 separate ones at one time and had grand plans. Quickly though those plans became secondary to what I wanted and needed to do on a daily basis. I remember one time my good friend called me a pathetic human being because I had left my wife and kids to walk up the street to meet him and his family for dinner, while I did what I normally did everyday, and you know he was right. Eventually I was living only to drink and drug having formed a tremendously expensive cocaine habit and at least a few bottles of Scotch a day drinking habit, and when you are that far gone, the many plates that I could previously keep spinning began to fall and break. I came to a head and I hit my bottom on a Friday night when I did my normal amount of cocaine, and drank as much alcohol as I could and my life was so unmanageable, and I was losing everything that I thought was important to me, like the cars, the house, the businesses, not the family that continued to love me, not the friends who still would call and see how I was doing, selfish and self-centered to the bitter end, I saw no way out. I added nyquil and blood pressure pills to that mix and decided that I did not deserve to live and that my family would be better off without me. G-d saw it differently that night and every night before and I felt his hand on my head after I saw the white light and he whispered in my ear "It is not your time." I would love to tell you that I woke up and immediately got sober but it took me another 9 days of doing what I needed to do to stay alive until I had that moment of clarity. I surrendered to my powerlessness to my unmanageability and to my Higher Power,

     In my sobriety I have been blessed to find that Higher Power who was always there with me, who walked beside me and during the last dark days of my addiction carried me and kept me alive. I have been blessed that I have an amazing sponsor who is nothing like me, two totally different backgrounds, two different generations but he has what I want, peace, serenity and amazing relationships. I have been blessed that most, not all, of those friends, are back in my life today. I have been blessed to reconstruct the family relationships that I ruined as a direct result of my alcoholism. Most importantly I have my wife and kids in my life today, they respect me and love me and they actually want my advice and ask me for direction. The one woman who never gave up on me, who always loved me unconditionally, who prayed and prayed that her boy would just be okay, got to see me start my journey, and begin to become the MAN she always knew I could be. She died 13 months into my sobriety and 7 hours later I was at a meeting because that is where I knew I would find the solution and comfort, 

     Today my life is better and more satisfying than I ever could imagine. Do we struggle absolutely because I suffer from the human condition, but today, one day at a time I am living life on life's terms and dealing with the consequences of my past. I know as long as I continue to do what I have been taught during my sobriety, and continue to do the next right thing, my greatest days, my most fulfilling days and my destiny will be revealed.


<![CDATA[EFFORT AND TEAM, WHEN A DISABILITY DIDN'T MATTER:              BY:  MARK WEXLER]]>Thu, 17 Oct 2013 02:26:09 GMThttp://www.themostpositiveplaceonthenet.com/tmppotn-blog/effort-and-team-when-a-disability-didnt-matter-by-mark-wexler
 Children with Disabilities Get a Bad Rap.

Sometimes children with disabilities are tormented and picked upon by others because they do not understand.  But in this case, my son was treated extra special.

My own son has a couple disabilities that prevent him from participating in organized sporting events.  So when he entered Southview High School, he wanted to stay active in after school activities.  He was introduced to the School's Athletic Trainer and was immediately accepted as one of the Equipment Managers (Water Boy's).  Bryan was willing and eager to accept the responsibilities associated with the task.  From that point on helping with the 9th grade, JV and Varsity Football teams, his name was no longer Bryan but "B".  Bryan stood all of about 5 foot tall and weighed almost 100 pounds.  He attended every practice, every game and became personal friends of everyone he had contact with.  He looked forward to helping out any way that he could.  He did this his entire time at High School.  In his Senior year, his Varsity football team, was extremely talented and had an undefeated season.  Entering into the State Championships, they ran the table and became the 2009 State of Ohio, Division 1 State Champs. 

It was quite an honor in our little community.  On one occasion, there was a parade celebrating the Championship.  All the boys were riding on floats going down Main Street.  On the lead float, one of the guys who happened to be the teams quarterback saw my son cheering from the sidewalk.  He jumped off the float, grabbed my son, looked at us and said "He is part of this team".  Took him to the float and he joined the team in celebration.
 At the awards banquet, we walked in and immediately saw approximately 50 footballs lined up.  Bryan walked to his chair and sat down.  Again, one of the guys from the team grabbed him and said "You are part of our winning team so you sign all the footballs too".  He printed his name on all of them and then was fitted for his championship ring.  He came back to the table and was excited to tell us everything that he had done.  As we sat at the table, the coaches were passing out numerous awards, which seemed to take an eternity.  Toward the end, the head football coach got up and stated that he had a special award to present.  He stated "You know, if it was not for our Equipment Manager, our team would be nothing.  He comes to every practice, every game, he brings us our water and our towels, he always has a smile on his face and he would do anything asked of him.  "B", come on up here".  Hesitantly, Bryan approached the podium to accept his awards.  Just like the rest of the guys, Bryan got his awards but as he was heading back to his seat, two of the offensive lineman got up from where they were sitting and grabbed him and carried him back to the podium.  He looked shocked.  They reached into a bag and pulled out a Varsity Letter Jacket fully embroidered and presented it to him.  Everyone started cheering and clapping then you heard  BRYAN…BRYAN.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.  We were so excited for our son.  Bryan came back to where we were sitting proudly wearing his new jacket and sat on my lap.  I told him that he had a lot of thanking to do after the event.  He looked at me and said "Dad, I'm tired".

A few days later, the entire team got together in uniform for one final picture.  Bryan was in that picture which today is in the main hallway of the school.

Bryan graduated from Southview High School in 2009.  Here it is 2013.  Bryan is still helping out the Athletic Trainer in any way that he can.  He has grown up quite a bit.  He is now 23 years of age, stands 6'3" tall and weighs a whopping 114 pounds.  He takes his position seriously and everyone appreciates the job that he does.  He is treated as one of the guys.
<![CDATA[SOON TO BE FORMER FAT GUY:  8 POUNDS OF PERSPECTIVE     BY:  ALAN BASSIK]]>Wed, 16 Oct 2013 02:27:39 GMThttp://www.themostpositiveplaceonthenet.com/tmppotn-blog/soon-to-be-former-fat-guy-8-pounds-of-perspective-by-alan-bassik
​Soon to be former fat guy, 1 month:  8 pounds of perspective

Started at 250, now 242.  8 pounds in the first month.  From my own point of view, I did ok, but I know I could have done better.  From one of the guys I bike with, his quote, “wonderful”.  No second thoughts, just wonderful. 

Perspective.  We are our own harshest critics.  Not sure if that is good or bad, in this case I think bad.  I JUST LOST 8 POUNDS IN MY FIRST MONTH!  That should be my attitude.  I’m ahead of pace for my 40 pounds weight loss, but the only thing I was focused on was that I could have done better.  Hmm.